The Wheat-free and Gluten-free Discussion

My Thoughts Gluten intolerance and coeliac disease are diseases of the digestive tract that is affected by the immune system in response to ingestion of gluten, similar to any antigen. And have been increasing in prevalence and notoriety in the last two decades. Both of these conditions are related to the body’s immune response and … Read more

Good Fat Vs Bad Fat: Is Fat Bad For You?

Introduction: If you have been trying one low fat diet after another only to revert back to your old ways and regain the pounds, maybe you have been sold the idea that fat is the “baddie.” Well in this article, lets look closer at this complicated topic and get some clarity. There are so many … Read more

Fifteen Benefits of A Low Carb Diet

Below I will explore some of the benefits to be gained from reducing your total carbohydrate intake as part of a balanced diet. Carbohydrates are great tasting foods that boost your mood and give that feeling of satisfaction after your meals. Carbohydrates consist starches and sugars from glucose in its most basic state to insoluble … Read more

What Are The Benefits of A Vegetarian Diet?

Are you a health seeker considering whether a vegetarian diet will make any difference to your weight and overall health and well being? Well in this article I will look at the evidence about how a vegetarian diet may support your aim to get healthy or just to maintain good health with a change in … Read more

Three Top Tips To Lose Post Pregnancy Belly Fat

In this article I will share my advise on how to lose the belly fat after having your baby and how to get back into shape safely. All the information I provide will be based on evidence and on my experience as a nurse and midwife of many years. The process of conception and child … Read more